Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Day 3 Buckden to Ribblehead

14 miles today plus an extra 11/2 to the Station Hotel at Ribblehead. But first another lovely breakfast, fresh fruit and locally produced granola with yogurt and honey, very nice.
We soon came to Hubberholme which is the point where Wharfedale turns into Langstrothdale, a name meaning long valley. This is the place where the ashes of J B Priestley are scattered nearby as it was one of his favourite places in England.

Today we saw loads of lovely meadow flowers and masses of orchids near Yockenthwaite including butterfly orchids.
Margaret learned a lot about wild flowers today, must remember to test her later! It was a lovely clear day, no-one about, birds singing, sound of the river rushing along.
We even stopped for a proper tea break in the sun.

Finally we left the Wharfe behind us at Beckermonds and set off across the water shed.
Only three miles to Cam Houses, we'll soon be there! Well half of this was on a good track and things were going well and then we came to the boggy, marshy bit and the going was rather slow. We caught up with the three ladies at Breadpiece Barn and had a dry wall to sit on for our lunch break. Behind us we could see the other couple making slow progress through the mud.
It was a great spot for getting bitten so we didn't linger very long.

Cam Houses

We had been tipped off about this wood so took avoiding action by walking around it.
And then we were up on the Cam High Road and what splendid views of Ingleborough, Whernside, Pen y Ghent, Buckden Pike,Pendle Hill, Ribblehead Viaduct. Isn't Yorkshire wonderful. I do know Pendle Hill isn't in Yorkshire by the way!

We were staying at the Station Hotel today and having read the reviews we weren't expecting much so we weren't disappointed! Our bag was at the bottom of the stairs and the young men in charge didn't offer to to take it up for us. We were in a family room so had enough space but I think it could have won a prize for having the smallest shower! The three ladies and the couple were all staying there as well but there was hardly anyone else about. Two of the ladies had a room with a water bed and they weren't at all impressed! The other lady opened her bedside table and found it was full of empty bottles! Must have been the cleaners day off. At least the food is good. We hadn't been there long when the cloud came down and we couldn't see up the hill at all. Once again timing was perfect!

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